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Pathways to Research (P2R) was designed to support EOP students by creating opportunities for first-generation under/graduate students to participate in the research process while learning about graduate school. Because every participant will vary in their disciplinary interests and previous experiences, P2R is self-paced with activities ranging across four stages based on the goals collaboratively set every quarter between mentors and participants.

Stage 1: The Basics of Doing Research

Graduate mentors will work with participants to explore research interests, write a literature review, explores methodologies and methods, and/or complete the human subjects’ training.

 Stage 2: Professional Development and Networking

Graduate mentors will work with students to connect with faculty in relevant fields, refine their CV, and explore professional development opportunities and research labs.

Stage 3: Conducting Research

Graduate mentor will work with participants to apply for IRB approval, analyze data, and/or share findings.

Stage 4: Planning, Applying, and Paying for Graduate School 

Participants will explore various graduate programs in relevant fields, compile application materials, and/or explore financial aid sources.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Participant's in P2R will be selected based on both online application. Eligible students must:

  • Be EOP students majoring in the social sciences
  • Have sophomore, junior or senior standing
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Have completed the C writing requirement by the end of Fall 2020
  • Demonstrate an interest in getting involved in research and pursuing a graduate degree.

What Makes A Strong Application? 

A strong application consists of two statements. Please start these early and make sure to proofread.

  • Academic Statement: What are your research interests, educational goals, and career objectives? Why you are applying to either Pathway to Research (2 pages total)?
  • Personal Statement: How does your personal background influence your research pursuits? How does your family history, socioeconomic background, community, and educational history shape how you define your role as a researcher (2 pages total)?
  • Most recent UCSC unofficial transcripts
  • Community college transcripts (if applicable)

 Application Deadline: 11/5/21 at 11:59pm

What Is the P2R Timeline and Key Events?

Participant Timeline

Qtr. / Week


Recruitment Workshops



September 27th

Undergraduate Application Due

Fall, Week 5

Friday, Nov.5th

Review Process 

Fall, Week 6 - 7

Monday, Nov. 8th - Nov. 19th

Acceptance Email

Fall, Week 8

Wednesday, Nov. 24th

Group Events

Welcome Orientation

Winter, Week 1

Saturday, Jan. 7th

Santa Clara Undergraduate
Research Conference

Spring, Week 1


Spring Welcome

Spring, Week 1

Saturday, April 1st

End of the Year Symposium

Spring, Week 7

 May 9th- May 13th