Stages / Eligibility / Application / Timeline

Pathways to Research (P2R) was designed to support EOP students by creating opportunities for first-generation under/graduate students to participate in the research process while learning about graduate school. Because every participant will vary in their disciplinary interests and previous experiences, P2R is self-paced with activities ranging across four stages based on the goals collaboratively set every quarter between mentors and participants.

Stage 1: The Basics of Doing Research

Graduate mentors will work with participants to explore research interests, write a literature review, explores methodologies and methods, and/or complete the human subjects’ training.

 Stage 2: Professional Development and Networking

Graduate mentors will work with students to connect with faculty in relevant fields, refine their CV, and explore professional development opportunities and research labs.

Stage 3: Conducting Research

Graduate mentor will work with participants to apply for IRB approval, analyze data, and/or share findings.

Stage 4: Planning, Applying, and Paying for Graduate School

Participants will explore various graduate programs in relevant fields, compile application materials, and/or explore financial aid sources.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Participants P2R will be selected based on both an online application and an interview (by phone or in person). Eligible students must:

  • Be EOP students majoring in the social sciences
  • Have sophomore, junior or senior standing
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Have completed the C1 and C2 writing requirement by the end of Fall 2018
  • Demonstrate an interest in getting involved in research and pursuing a graduate degree.

What Makes A Strong Application?

A strong application consists of two statements. Please start these early and make sure to proofread.

  • Academic Statement: What are you research interests, educational goals, and career objectives? Why you are applying to either Pathway One or Two (2 pages total)?
  • Personal Statement: How does your personal background influence your research pursuits? How does your family history, socio-economic backgrounds, community and educational history shape how you define your role as a researcher (2 pages total)?
  • Most recent UCSC unofficial transcripts
  • Community college transcripts (if applicable)

Application Deadline: 10/26/18

What Is the P2R Timeline and Key Events?

Participant Timeline

Qtr. / Week


Recruitment Workshops

Summer / Fall Week 1-2

Oct. 1st - Oct. 12th

Undergraduate Application Due

Fall, Week 4

Friday, Oct. 26th

Review Process and Interviews

Fall, Week 4 - 6

Saturday, Nov. 3rd - Nov. 9th

Acceptance Email

Fall, Week 6

Tuesday, Nov. 13th

Group Events

Welcome Orientation

Winter, Week 1

Saturday, Jan. 12th

Diversity Forum @UC Davis

Spring, Week 1

Saturday, April 6th

Spring Welcome

Spring, Week 2

Saturday, April 13th

End of the Year Symposium

Spring, Week 7

Saturday, May 18th