The Mission

The mission of Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) is to provide various academic and personal support programs to first-generation to college, low-income students with diverse social and personal identities and from historically marginalized backgrounds, so that they may achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals and become active leaders in their communities. 

Building on the legacy of the Civil Rights movement, EOP’s equity-minded staff team (students and professionals) advocate for and partner with each student and the larger campus community, from the first year and beyond graduation, to dismantle systemic barriers to their success, uncover the hidden curriculum, and cultivate a space where they can learn and belong at UC Santa Cruz. 


The Vision

The vision of EOP is to close all equity gaps at UCSC across racial/gender/and any other social identity groups for EOP students and for their success to exceed student success outcomes of the general UCSC student population.