EOP students have access to three full-time EOP Academic Counselors who are assigned to students by college. Counselors facilitate the students' academic, social, and personal transitions/adjustments to the university. It is their goal to see EOP students become "B or Better Scholars."

EOP values the different aspects of a student's life and are concerned with how these aspects affect their academic success. Some aspects may include: lifestyle, cultural values, and relationships.

  • Academic Advising helps to identify academic interests, educates on the effective use of advising tools (e.g. General Catalog), and assists with the development of academic plans. EOP Counselors will also work closely with College, Department, and Financial Aid Advisers in advising EOP students.
  • Academic Counseling focuses on assessing the students' academic strategies, such as time management, and the balance between a student's courseload and outside commitments, which range from work to family obligations.
  • Personal Counseling is individualized and based on the needs of the students. It can include support, offering a listening ear, advice, advocacy, and referrals.
  • Peer Advisers maintain a supportive system in all the colleges which facilitates the fulfillment of students' academic success; peers assist in the establishment of self-identity and values; as well as, the promotion of a non-threatening and enriched EOP community.