Holistic Advising

 EOP Academic Counseling Services 

 The EOP office is dedicated to helping remove barriers to success during your journey at UCSC.


EOP students have access to Academic Counselors who work collaboratively to facilitate student academic, social and personal success at UCSC.

Partnerships are formed when both the student and counselor work together to identify barriers, and develop a plan for student success. EOP Counselors will listen to your story, and build upon your strengths and goals.

  • Academic Advising helps to identify academic interests, educates on the effective use of advising tools (e.g. General Catalog), and assists with the development of academic plans. EOP Counselors will also work closely with College, Department, and Financial Aid Advisers in advising EOP students.
    • Advising Tools and Resources (UCSC General Catalog, academic support, tutoring)
    • Degree completion
    • Campus navigation and resources
  • Academic/Personal Counseling focuses on assessing the students' academic strategies or personal needs, such as time management, and the balance between a student's courseload and outside commitments, which range from work to family obligations.
    • Time Management strategies
    • Balance between academic, work and family obligations
    • Problem-solving strategies
    • Financial budgeting and planning
    • Advocacy and referrals
Our student staff can better assist you with general questions about EOP and our services if counselors are unavailable.. Learn how to meet with EOP student staff here.