UndocuCareer Development Fund

To broaden and diversify opportunities for undocumented students widely in professional, academic, and/or research based experiences, we have launched the new program called the UndocuCareer Development Fund. The UndocuCareer Development Fund will be replacing the previously known Professional Career Development Program (PCDP). In this new program format, undocumented students will have the opportunity to apply for funding directly that can be used to cover participation in a variety of opportunities such as: 


  • Unpaid internships, fellowships, research, and volunteer opportunities
  • Attend conferences 
  • Participate in trainings and certificate programs that require a fee
  • Engage in entrepreneurship opportunities 
  • Enroll in graduate and professional school prep
  • Among many more professional development opportunities!


UndocuCareer Development Opportunity Funding Overview


*This opportunity is open to all undocumented students and funding will be processed as a scholarship through the Financial Aid Office.* 


Students can:


  • Receive up to $1,600 scholarship during the Winter quarter OR
  • Receive up to $1,600 scholarship during the Winter and Spring quarter ($3,200 total)
  • As a note, the total amount a student can request ultimately depends on the opportunity they are hoping to request funding for. 


To learn more about the student eligibility criteria and access the link to the application, please click on our “Prospective Applicants” link.


Note to Staff/Faculty/Organizations

If you are a staff, faculty, or organization that would like to host a student for an experiential learning opportunity (e.g., fellowship/internship/research opportunity), please contact Alma at pcdp@ucsc.edu to be added to a resource list for students that are eligible for the UndocuCareer Development Fund and are looking for opportunities. As a note, students will be applying for funding with us, but they will be securing fellowship/internship/volunteer opportunities directly with departments and organizations.