Professional Career Development Program (PCDP)

Professional Career Development Program (PCDP) 2022-23

The Professional Career Development Program (PCDP) was established with the aim of providing undocumented students with career preparation opportunities that would allow them to further develop leadership, personal, and professional skills. PCDP fellows participate at  different on and off-campus units for an entire academic year, completing a year-long project under the guidance of their PCDP mentor.  Program participants have been placed in many different departments on campus, such as the Disability Resource Center, the Chicano Latino Research Center, the STEM Diversity Program, the Campus Library, Retention Services, the Humanities Division, the Politics/Legal Studies programs, the Dean of Students office and many more.

PCDP provides qualified students who are NOT currently eligible for federal funding an opportunity to receive a $4,500 scholarship and gain professional skills and career development under the guidance of a mentor.

*Students do not need to have a work permit in order to participate.

If you are a student interested in applying, click on the “Prospective Students” link to learn more and access the PCDP Application.