UndocuCareer Development Fund

The UndocuCareer Development Fund offers students the opportunity to apply to a scholarship for their participation in a variety of career-relevant opportunities including unpaid/underpaid internships/fellowships, conference registration, or participating in fee-based professional development. 


Eligibility Criteria

  • California Dream Act Application (CADAA) on file with the UCSC Financial Aid & Scholarship office 
  • Enrolled full time (12 units or more) 
  • Good academic and student conduct standing
  • Have a cumulative 2.0 GPA

The UndocuCareer Development Fund Applications will be available until the academic year 2024-2025 due to the significant demand during this academic year.

Application Content: This application features two open-ended questions requiring 100-300 word responses: 


1) How will the opportunity you are hoping to fund support your career path, growth, and/or professional development? You can consider immediate skill building, long-term goals, or both when responding. 

2) There are 8 NACE Career Readiness Competencies, which you can read about here. Which two competencies do you hope to develop through this opportunity? We encourage you to be detailed in your response. 


You will also need to provide a proposed budget, which may include any of the following:

  • For unpaid roles: hours worked and pay requested (e.g. 100 hours, $15.50/hour = $1,550)
  • Cost of travel and/or commuting (e.g. Flight: $600, Uber to/from airport: $100)
  • Registration fees (e.g. Conference registration fee: $150)
  • Professional association fees 
  • Costs for software subscription or purchase
  • Other expenses related to experiential learning opportunities 


We encourage you to wait to submit your response until your budget and short answer responses are ready for submission. Please reach out to eopab540@ucsc.edu with any questions about eligibility.


Need help finding an opportunity? Please refer to our Resource List to connect with an office that is willing to host a UCDF student!


Application Support

  • View the UCDF Frequently Asked Questions document here
  • View the UCDF Zoom info session here
  • Need help finding an opportunity? Please view our resource list here to connect with an office that is interested in hosting a UCDF student! 

If you have questions after requiring these resources, please email us at eopab540@ucsc.edu


As a result of applying for the UndocuCareer Development Fund, students will:

  • Gain experience submitting a proposal for funding
  • Have the chance to receive funding for an opportunity that will contribute to their professional development and career meaning-making


Additional Requirements of the Program

  • Virtual testimonials will be collected after their experience for of each recipient