Prospective Students

Dear Banana Slug,
First off, we extend our congratulations on having made it this far in your academic careers! We are well aware of the path you have navigated to gain acceptance to a four-year university—an arduous one at best. So let us celebrate the fact that you are here, and ready for the long journey ahead.
We look forward to meeting and working along your side, and to prepare and identify your academic goals and personal aspirations.
We would like to invite you to participate in our online 2020 540% Extended Orientation that we will host from July 20th to August 14th. This orientation will happen virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays designed to support and guide undocumented incoming frosh and transfer students in their transition to UC Santa Cruz. In addition, the 540% Extended Orientation provides general introductory information to supportive resources and people on campus to assist the incoming undocumented student community on their road to success at our university.

During 540Extended Orientation students will:

  • Receive academic advising and a one-on-one session with an EOP Academic Counselor
  • Learn more about Financial Aid Offer Letters, budgeting, and internship opportunities
  • Attend workshops that help navigate the university with ease
  • Connect with other students, staff, and faculty with similar backgrounds who are committed to supporting undocumented students and their families 
Register Now by Clicking Here: 540% Slug Extended OrientationPlease take the time to fill it out thoroughly—this is a stepping stone to helping you, as well as creating a sense of community with your fellow incoming UndocuSlugs!
Solidarity Disclosure:
Independent of the 540Extended Orientation application, we also emphasize a critical aspect affecting the upcoming years of your undergraduate experience. Whatever happens within the political system of this country, regardless of the laws that may come into effect and those that will fail, the Undocumented Student Services team and the Educational Opportunities Programs as a whole will continue to do whatever we can to support you. 
As a community, it is vital that we come together in solidarity despite our differences. Immigration is not only a Latinx but also a Black, Muslim, LGBTQ+ issue that affects us all. These are only a few of the various identities and communities at stake. Please consider this as you venture the university and become acquainted with different perspectives of what it means to be an Undocumented Student, as well as the many intersectionalities that exist within our marginalized group. We will continue to stand with you in the fight to become successful in the world that we live today. We vow to do anything and everything within our capacity to ensure you every needed opportunity to thrive in this campus. With that said, all we ask of you is that you navigate this environment cautiously. It is crucial that we don’t alienate those that could potentially help us, as well as those that will stand by our side.
 The deadline for the application is June 30th. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, call (831) 459-4055 or e-mail
All the best,
The Undocumented Student Services