Pathways to Research

Welcome from Program Coordinator:

On behalf of the Pathways to Research (P2R) team, thank you for considering P2R among the many opportunities available to you at UCSC!

P2R is a research-mentoring program for EOP students in the social sciences over multiple quarters where you receive mentorship from a PhD student on topics spanning the research process and the realities of graduate school based on your individual goals.

This year, P2R is pleased to offer two Pathways for up to 30 students, each depending on your research interests and previous experiences. If selected, you are expected to dedicate 6-8 hours of time to your P2R project a week. You are encouraged to use your P2R experience to complement and support your ongoing coursework. Upon completing the Winter you will receive a stipend of $200 and $300 in the Spring. The program culminates with a research symposium in mid- to late spring.

Pathway One
: Individually-Designed Projects (20 Positions, Winter / Spring)

  • Recommended but not limited to students with already developed research questions and projects.
  • Preference given to Juniors and Seniors.

Pathway Two: Team-Based Community-Initiated Project (10 Positions, Fall / Winter / Spring)

  • Year-long (Off-campus) community-engaged project to support the Community Action Board or CAB in designing a new initiative called “Thriving Immigrants” meant to bring together and enhance efforts to resist anti-immigrant policies across the county of Santa Cruz.
  • All are welcomed to apply. RECRUITMENT ONGOING. Apply ASAP.
  • Preference given those who can commit to THREE-Quarters.
    • Fall (Required): Independent Study (5-Credits) on Indigenous Perspectives on Non/Citizenship and Decolonizing Methodologies.
    • Winter (Strongly recommended): Oakes 153 (Community Mapping) to learn asset-mapping frameworks in teams to pilot surveys, identify barriers to access, and report demographic shifts.
    • Spring (Strongly recommended): Sociology 139T (Community-Engaged Research Practicum) to learn survey methods and conduct the survey, to study the impacts of policy on a personal and household level.

To learn more about the program, please visit the “Stages / Eligibility / Application / Timeline” page.

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Alfredo Reyes
Program Coordinator, Pathways to Research
PhD Student, Education Department