Eligibility and Appealing

EOP Eligibility

In order to be granted EOP status, a student must meet the following criteria: 

  • A California Resident and First Generation to College Student (Neither parent has obtained a degree from a 4-year university in the U.S.) and Low Income (a student must meet all three criteria)


Must have participated in any one of the programs listed below: 

EOP Status is typically granted during the UC application process, however, students can apply to be considered for participation in the program by submitting an appeal.

Appeal Process

Before you submit an appeal please check to see if you already have EOP status. Instructions on how to check your status can be found here. If you have checked your status and are not an EOP student, but wish to be considered for participation in the program, please complete the EOP Appeal Form

**Please note that the Appeal Form is only available for enrolled students!

Students can submit an EOP appeal at any point in the year. Students will be notified of a decision within three weeks of submission of the appeal form. 

Housing Priority Note: This year marks a significant shift in our housing allocation system, transitioning from a priority-based model to a lottery system. Additionally, to streamline the process and provide students with quicker outcomes, the application period and room selection process have been moved six weeks earlier.  To find more information regarding housing, please visit: https://housing.ucsc.edu/continuing/index.html

If you have questions please email eop@ucsc.edu or call our office at (831) 459-2296.