Bridge Student Testimonials

  • Anna Nguyen

    Anna Nguyen

    The first weeks of college could seem like such a daunting time for many first-year students; you’re at a new school, this may be your first time living away from your parents, but part of the reason why my first days of school were so spectacular, was because I was fortunate enough partake in the Summer Bridge Program! Through EOP Bridge, I was able to create memories that I will forever cherish with my Bridge family. All my Bridgee loves and I had the most wonderful advantage. Living on campus during Summer Bridge allowed us to be experts at UCSC before class officially began. We knew how to get to the resources we needed, and were accustomed to the demanding work, input, and time management skills that are necessary to be a successful college student. It was truly a life changing experience. Because of the unconditional encouragement from my incredible Bridge coordinator and mentors, my first college experience has been a million times better than I expected. EOP Bridge has planted a seed in my life, and that seed has grown into a blossoming rose because of the necessary mentorship, financial resources, and educational and cultural experiences Bridge has provided for me. I wouldn’t trade back this experience for anything else in the world.

  • Miriam Solis Medrano

    Miriam Solis Medrano

    The Bridge Program at UC Santa Cruz is like home away from home. From the motherly EOP advisors, to the loving mentors, and the enthusiastic mentees, the Bridge Program creates more than just a community, it creates a family.  As a Bridgee, I grew both academically and individually. I got the opportunity to meet new people and take advantage of the resources here at UCSC. I also learned valuable skills ranging from time management to helpful study skills that successfully led to a remarkable first year of college. Thanks to the advice and support, this program guided me through my transition to college.

  • David Mateo-Santos

    David Mateo-Santos

    I recommend students to join EOP Bridge because this program makes students feel that they are not alone in their new odyssey of attending college. What makes this program special is that you are given the opportunity to arrive two weeks earlier than a regular student. The benefits of arriving earlier to my dorm was that I was able to get the perfect desk, drawer, and bed that I wanted. To that end, I was able to meet many new friends, administrators, and academic counselors that has helped me survive college. The underlining theme of Bridge is their commitment of helping first in the family and underrepresented students make an easy transition from high school to college. The Bridge program has given me many resources such as a personal mentor, a Bridge academic counselor, and the opportunity to enroll in classes earlier.

    I am very proud that I am in the EOP Bridge program because it has helped me have a greater confidence in attending college. The EOP Bridge mentors are people to look up to because they have already experienced the first year in college. The University of California, Santa Cruz is composed of a predominantly white group of students which has made me think that the admission administers had done a mistake in letting me into this remarkable college. But I soon saw that I was accepted because I had the quality to succeed in this college. Currently I am doing a great in college and please do think about joining the EOP Bridge program.

  • Rachel Charime

    Rachel Charime

    Transitioning into college can seem like a very intimidating experience; however the Bridge program provides each Bridge student ease with this transition. I have learned about the many resources UCSC provides, such the tutoring support services and counseling. Other than academic support, Bridge has also provided an outlet to meet many brilliant and kind individuals, that I am proud to call my friends. My mentor has been such an important aid during my first year experience. Being able to consolidate with someone else who has successfully gone through their first year as a college student has contributed immensely to understanding my true potential. With the help of the advisors, mentors, and all the wonderful people that help put this program together I am proud to say that I have had the chance to be a Bridgee and would never take that opportunity away. I have learned so much about my capabilities as a student and as an influential person and will continue to use them throughout the rest of my college experience.