How to Apply


What is TLL?

The Textbook Lending Library is a one-time application program that promises TLL Services for the entire Academic Year!

Who can apply? 

Any EOP Student who is in severe financial hardship to access class materials is welcome to apply!

Students DO NOT need to have exhausted both subsidized and unsubsidized loans to receive financial assistance from the Textbook Lending Library. However, we do prioritize students who have exhausted all forms of financial aid given to them.

The Textbook Lending Library Application is divided into 2 parts. 

PART 1:  General Application for admission into the Textbook Lending Library Program

PART 2:  A Book Request Form for students accepted into the program to be able to request items.

Selection Criteria

  1. Must be an EOP student!
  2. Must be in financial hardship and have exhausted their financial aid package
  3. Must be currently enrolled at UCSC with a minimum of 12 units per quarter (10 Units for Grad students)
  4. Must have utilized an EOP service in the past (i.e. meet with an EOP counselor, PAL, or Pre Grad Mentor)*


*This criteria DOES NOT apply to incoming frosh/transfer students!