Application Process

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Application! 


Beginning this 2020-2021 academic year (AY), the EOP Textbook Lending Library will become a one-time application program that will grant financial assistance throughout the entire year


What does this mean? 

You no longer need to apply on a quarterly basis to gain assistance in purchasing class materials! Once accepted into our program, you will be supported by our expert interns all year long!


Who can apply? 

Any EOP Student who is in severe financial hardship to access class materials. You DO NOT need to have exhausted both subsidized and un-subsidized loans to receive financial assistance from the Textbook Lending Library. However, we do prioritize students who have exhausted all forms of financial aid given to them.


Our one-time Regular Application Window has officially closed

However, each quarter there is an Appeals Application Window that opens up for students still seeking to gain TLL Services! 

Our Appeals Application opens up on the Wednesday of Finals Week from the current quarter and closes on the 2nd of Instruction from the upcoming quarter. Students can expect their results in about a week or so after the applications have officially closed



Spring 2021 Appeals Application

Application Opens: March 17th  |  Application Closes: March 31st


Please Note

  • EOP Textbook Lending Library application is divided into 2 parts.   
    • PART 1:  General application for admission into the Textbook Lending Library Program
    • PART 2:  Book requests for students accepted into the program- This portion will be sent with a notice of award.
  • We process book requests on a first come-first serve basis! The earlier you submit your book request, the earlier you will receive your requested items.
  • Due to our office being closed, we are unable to loan items like calculators/cameras/ or iClickers. These items will now be bought if requested via students awards.