What’s in our Inventory?


The EOP Textbook Lending Library houses collections that include but are not limited to areas within the Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Engineering, Physical and Biological Sciences, etc. A list of available books, iclickers, and Model Kits can be found on our online book database which can be accessed below.

1.  Click on the search bar at the Top Right

2.  Type in the desired book title, author, or  ISBN #

3.  The left-most column indicates the status of a book

green ✓= in stock

red X =checked out


At the end of each cycle, the Textbook Lending Library’s physical inventory becomes available to all EOP students, known as our Open Library. If you did not qualify for our program during regular and/or appeal applications, you still have the option to utilize our Open Library.

How it works:

Our Open Library becomes available the 3rd or 4th week of every quarter and books are loaned on a first come first serve basis. An email is sent out to students from our TLL contact list with a link to a Google Form where students can submit a book request and list the books/items that they need. If you apply for Open Library, we can provide the textbooks that you request only if it is in our inventory. If the textbooks you request are not in our inventory, we are unable to provide you the textbooks. Once book requests have been submitted, our team should notify the students whether or not the requested books are available within 2-3 business days after book request submissions.

To find out what books are available in our physical inventory, you can always check our online book database above.