USS Mentors

    Andrea Rosas Herrera

  • Politics & Latin American & Latino Studies / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    Hello everyone! My name is Andrea Rosas and I am an incoming 4th year majoring in Politics and Latin American and Latino Studies. I am this university with the goal of becoming an elected official, in order to change the negative living circumstances of those in my community. I have always been interested in social justice and hope to carry that with me into my career. I am very excited to be part of the USS office to help other students who may experience difficulties navigating this institution. I am super down to have a conversation about makeup, photography, and books. Also I love cute stationery!

  • Claudia Torres

  • Claudia Torres

    Sociology & Psychology / Junior / She, Her, Hers, They, Them

    As a first generation student, navigating any college campus can be particularly challenging for a number of reasons. Students can often feel alone or lost, but by reaching out to resources like EOP we have the opportunity to find a community of people we can grow and learn with. Having that support system on campus my first year was critical to my transition to UCSC, making me feel welcomed and giving me that space to grow as an individual. By working with Undocumented Student Services and supporting students throughout their educational journey, I am able to give back to that same community who gave me unconditional support throughout my own. Alongside my team, I hope to create a safe space for all students that empowers them to pursue their goals and aspirations at UCSC. You'll probably find me on campus vibing to hyphy music, dancing things out, painting memes, and binging new shows/movies with friends! 

  • Amit Severino

  • History Major , Minor in Literature / Junior / She, Her , Hers

    I chose to work for EOP because I know what it is like to navigate a higher-ed institution when so many limitations are put on you. As a first-generation student,  having little support with navigating university made it difficult to face the problems that occurred on the way. As a USS intern, I want to help undocumented students with facing problems and finding answers to situations that are often being left unresolved. Most importantly, I am here to create a comfortable and safe space for undocu-students at this university.  Supporting students as well as making sure their voices are being heard is my passion. Some fun facts about me are: I love hammocking in the forest, going on hikes with my dog, listening to music, and creating art! 

  • Ivette Ocampo

  • Critical Race and Ethnic Studies , Minor in Education / Senior / She, Her, Hers, They, Them

    I chose to work for EOP because I like to help others and meet new people and as an EOP/USS intern, I get to do both! 
    I am from SoCal, Pico Union area, and I am a huge J Cole fan. I am a #catlady, but I love animals in general.
    Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, Aries Rising. 
    I am super chill and unintentionally funny. 
    Come talk to me if you’re curious about my transfer experience, my major, my minor, cats, J Cole, existentialism, and anything else really. 
    I’m looking forward to meeting you all! :) 

  • Brenda Aguilar

  • Legal Studies and Spanish, Minor in Education / Junior / She, Her, Hers, They, Them

    EOP is a resource that has eased my experience in college as a first-generation student of color. I want to give back to my communities because it is hard out here. I am a Queer Oaxacan Sagittarius. I recently got married, if you have any questions regarding marriage, life, or anything, come talk to me! Also, I have a dog named Nala, let me know if you ever want to hang out with her. 

  • Davi Kim

  • Cognitive Science & Economics / Senior / He, Him, His

    Hi, my name is Davi Kim and I am currently a fourth year cognitive science/economics double major student here at UCSC. My pronouns are He/Him/His and I decided to work at EOP because I wish to help others succeed.

  • Joselyn Orihuela

  • Film and Digital Media / Junior / She, Her ,Hers

    Welcome new and continuing undocu-slugs! 

    My name is Joselyn Orihuela and I will be one of your peer mentors this year. Here is a little bit about myself. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I was born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Bakersfield, California. I am a first generation college student and currently going into my third year studying Film and Digital Media. I decided to work for Undocumented Student Services because I really wanted to be give back to my community and also provide the same support for students that I recieved through USS in past years. 

    I hope everyone is doing well transitioning into the new school year! Please be sure to allow time this quarter to take care of yourselves both mentally, and physically. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need of any help! I look forward to getting to know and supporting yal throughout the year! 

    Best Regards,

    Joselyn Orihuela


  • Alice Lim

  • Computer Science / Junior / She, Her, Hers

    The undocumented student services is a staple resource for many of our community members. I want to continue the work I started last year at USS – extend the resources and expand our services. My goal for this year is to do more outreaching and educational presentations about the undocumented student population on campus.