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Dear Friend,

Please take this opportunity to join me in supporting undocumented students at UC Santa Cruz with a tax-deductible gift and pay-it-forward as so many did for us, in our college journeys. Now more than ever, undocumented students need our support. Join us in taking a stand and making an investment in our future. I invite you read the story of Michelle Hernández, and how she is benefiting from the support of Dreamweavers like you.

Thank you to everyone that has previously donated and supported the Don Rothman Dream Fund.

Rose Filicetti, on behalf of the UC Santa Cruz Dreamweavers

My name is Michelle Hernández and I am an undocumented student attending UC Santa Cruz, majoring in Cognitive Science. My dream is to help individuals with disabilities using artificial MIchelle Hernandazintelligence.

My mother and I immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 2005 due to lack of resources and opportunities. Since then, my mom’s main objective has been to provide us a life without financial struggles that interfered with our ability to survive and succeed.

Upon arrival to the U.S., we experienced culture shock; what should have been basic everyday activities became overwhelming. The distress of watching my mother struggle to speak a language she did not know—and not being able to help—made me feel powerless. I knew then that in order to change our lives and become an independent woman with the ability to support my family, I would need to acquire a higher education.

I have a long academic journey prior to graduating from UCSC, a school I have come to love. Attending college was a tough decision. Paying tuition seems impossible at times and the emotional strain affects my academic performance and mental health. Fortunately, I have been able to utilize campus resources, including the Don Rothman Dream Fund. This funding resource has helped me overcome financial barriers, which include unplanned medical expenses and immigration challenges.  

I am forever grateful to each of you who have so generously contributed. My fellow undocumented students and I have benefited from the giving power of people like you. Your investment in undocumented students at UC Santa Cruz will support their ability to continue our studies without interruption and become productive members of society. On behalf of other students in need, I sincerely thank you for your generosity.

With gratitude,

Michelle Hernández

College 9, Class of 2018

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