Textbook Lending Library Staff

    Ilda Lara Aguilar

  • Ilda Lara Aguilar

    Film & Digital Media / Sophomore / She, Her, Hers

    I chose to work at EOP because I wanted to provide first-generation college students, like myself, with the support, care, and guidance that they rightfully deserve. 

  • Carlos Martinez

  • Carlos Martinez

    Sociology / Junior / He, Him, His

    I work at EOP with hopes of being able to give back to the ARCenter in the same ways that it's helped me out over the years. I believe everyone should have the proper resources and support they need to thrive in college, working at EOP helps me contribute to this mission. Being able to help my community succeed is the best feeling there is.

  • Anahi Mendoza

  •  Anahi Mendoza

    Psychology , Minor in Education / Junior / She, Her, Hers

    I work at EOP in hopes of helping students by relieving them of some stress that comes with their academic responsibilities. TLL relieves students’ worry about obtaining  their class materials and allows them to focus on doing well in said classes. As an EOP student myself, I believe it is extremely important to give back to my community and try and help as many students as possible through my position as a Textbook Lending Library STEM Co-lead.

  • Kaetlyn Ariana Rodriguez

  • Kaetlyn Ariana Rodriguez

    Environmental Science & Marine Biology / Sophomore / She, Her, Hers

    As a Semilla Scholar, the EOP office and counselors gave me a home and direction during my first few months of school. They helped with the transition from being with family to being on my own as well as helping me navigate the UC system. Over the course of my first year, EOP provided several resources that helped me feel comfortable in a place that I feel didn't fully represent me. I wanted to work for EOP in order to give back, and help relieve people's stress that is associated with being a student. 

  • Rodrigo Pineda

  •  Rodrigo Pineda

    Art / Junior / He, Him, His

    I chose to work at EOP because it’s one of the places that has really helped me adjust to college / UCSC. It’s comforting knowing I’m helping people like me and even working with people like me.

  • Chyna Ellis

  • Chyna Ellis

    Technology & Information Management/ Sophomore / She, Her, Hers

    As a former EOP Bridgee and Textbook Lending Library recipient, I chose to work for EOP to give back to the community that has helped me tremendously in navigating my college life here at UCSC. Not only is it a goal of mine to give back, but to provide my help to other students like me and to continue to build the strong and stable community that EOP has provided.