Meet Your PALs

PALs are here to help you out.  We got your back.  Stop by anytime!

Peer Advisors maintain a supportive system in all the colleges which facilitate the fulfillment of students' academic success; peers assist in the establishment of self-identity and values; as well as, the promotion of a non-threatening and enriched EOP community.


    Lance Guillory

  • Philosophy / Sophomore / He, Him, His

    I came into EOP through the Men of Color (now the Black Men's Initiative) program my first year. Danay Weldegabriel (EOP STEM counselor) and Abiel Russom (former MOC coordinator) helped me get over my impostor syndrome when I first came to the campus as a person of color. I now aspire to help others get accustomed to and comfortable with the campus the way the two aforementioned helped me.

  • Jose Soto Ramirez

  • Psychology & Critical Race & Ethnic Studies / 5th Year / He, Him, His

    I decided to join the EOP team because I want to help mentor and support my peers in the same way this program assisted me. As a first-generation student, I had trouble finding what major fit me best, but now I'm in a field I am passionate about, and can navigate the university and its process. Like the EOP mentors who supported me throughout the years, I hope to share my insight and motivation with you all.

  • Neeva Pradhan

  • Neeva Pradhan

    MCD Biology / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I chose to work for EOP because I have used EOP as a resource since my second year. I have been lucky enough to have worked on the PALs team since last year. I really enjoyed working and supporting students be successful in their college career and I look forward to helping more students out. 

  • Jimmy Jose Gomez

  • Jimmy Jose Gomez

    Biochemistry & Psychology, Minor in Education / Sophomore / He, Him, His

    Working with EOP has been an amazing method to expand a student’s perspectives on financial literacy, academic planning, and become exposed to both EOP and UCSC resources for their overall well being. By becoming familiarized with the campus, a student can navigate their personal and academic successes, but most importantly, achieve their fullest potential. As a first generation student pursuing STEM, and ultimately medical school, I felt the necessity to break down educational barriers imposed upon minoritized communities as well. Furthermore, provide students with the preparation needed after graduation to attend higher educational institutions or pursue various career pathways.

  • Lucia Ortiz

  • Lucia Ortiz

    Latin American & Latino Studies (LALS) & Sociology / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I decided to come back again to EOP because throughout my time working here I’ve really enjoyed helping students in any way that I can. I love interacting with students and being able to answer questions & direct them to other community & campus resources. Navigating the university isn’t always easy, therefore I am always happy to help students that need a support system here at UCSC.

  • Erik Cruz

  • Erik Cruz

    History / Senior / He, Him, His

    I chose to work at EOP because, I want to be able to grow in my career goal to become an academic counselor. A counselor that understands the hardships, stress, and anxieties that come from being first-generation, low income, or a minority. I want to be a counselor that strives to help others who are going to go through a life changing experience.

  • Karina Rodriguez

  • Environmental Studies / Junior / She, Her, Hers

    I am a first generation student entering my 3rd year declared Environmental Studies. I come from Los Angeles, where I am the second oldest sibling and the first in a University. I've been involved with campus and previously helped students in my high school. I am excited to help other students who feel lost, like I was, and share opportunities that EOP offers.