Improving My Academic Progress (IMAP)

Our Mission

Improving My Academic Progress (IMAP) is a commitment the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) and Learning Support Services (LSS) offices makes for second year EOP Students who are in Academic Probation or Subject to Dismissal.

  • It is a partnership between LSS and EOP to connect students to academic and social resources to help the student live a balanced collegiate life.
  • It is a mentorship program that allows you to connect with Academic Counselors and Peer Mentors who focus on holistic advising and can discuss personal (financial, family, outside of UCSC) and academic (grades, preparedness, and resources) concerns.

Our Commitment

Our commitment involves helping your retention at UCSC and being your advocate for other campus resources.

  • Our commitment is to help you obtain a GPA of 3.0 or better for a term by giving you resources on how to connect with professors, office departments, and help with study skills.
  • We care about your success and fulfilling your dreams.