Bridge Mentors

    Rene Medina

  • History, Minor in Education / Junior / He, Him, His

    Being apart of EOP Bridge  impacted my first year of college in a very positive way and has allowed me to succeed. I know I would not be where I am today without the support of this program and I wanted to give back to a community that has allowed to me become my best self. I believe EOP, especially Bridge, is one of the best programs on campus for first generation students. 

  • Andrews D. Rodriguez

  • Politics & LALS / Sophomore / He, Him, His

    I chose to work with EOP because I wanted to be part of a program that helps minorities break the systemic barriers by receiving a higher education and being an important part of society. 

  • Jocelyn Venegas

  • Mathematics / Sophomore / She, Her, Hers

    I wanted to work with EOP because EOP helped me all my first year and I really wanted to help
    students the way I was helped.

  • Indeya Eubank

  • Business Management Economics / Sophomore / She, Her, Hers

    When I think of EOP, I think of a community. A community in which educated and helped guide me throughout my first year. Being apart of the bridge first-year program was an invaluable experience. I don't think I would have felt as comfortable on campus or would have been able to navigate it the same way, especially being a person of color,  if it hadn’t been for my mentor and the EOP advisors. Having the opportunity to meet people with similar backgrounds, interests, and goals really made me feel a sense of belonging and that I was not alone on campus. The amount of support by the mentors and advisors was truly genuine, going above and beyond what was expected. The decision to work with EOP was important for me because I wanted to pay it forward. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences to help students navigate the campus. I want them to have that same sense of belonging, confidence, sense of community and be successful throughout their first year and the years to come. Another expression that comes to mind when choosing to work with EOP is Passion. I feel in order to work with students and make an impact in their lives, one must really be passionate. Having that drive and passion to help others is what I know will make me a successful EOP Bridge Mentor.

  • Brenda Perez Macedo

  • Brenda Perez Macedo

    Psychology and Sociology / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    As a former Bridgee I have witnessed first-hand how the amazing support system and solid foundation that the EOP community offers could contribute to the success of a student. I enjoy working with EOP because I can encourage and believe in students the same way that my mentor and counselor did. I am able to see them grow and encourage them to challenge themselves in ways that they would normally not. I know that this program is extremely important to the retention of underserved students from diverse communities, like mine.

  • Victoria Camacho

  • Victoria Camacho

    Psychology and CRES / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I chose to work for EOP because it has helped me throughout my years here at UCSC. I was
    once a bridgee and I wanted to be able to give back to the program that helped me so much.

  • Jennifer Huerta Morelos

  • Jennifer Huerta Morelos

    Psychology and Community Studies / Junior / She, Her, Hers

    I want to reassure underrepresented students that just because they don’t look the same as others doesn’t mean that they don’t belong in this predominantly white institution. Through EOP Bridge I learned how to validate my own experiences and I want to help others learn how to validate theirs. Everyone needs help in different ways and being able to assess different situations, as well as a persons perspective allows me to understand that help is needed in multiple ways. EOP has motivated, encouraged and guided me through the toughest times and I’m glad to be part of this team that helps students holistically, not just academically.

  • Amaya Pelayo

  • Biology / Sophomore / She, Her, Hers

    As a former bridgee, I’ve been lucky enough to witness how amazing and crucial Bridge really is to our campus. This program continues to be a major support system for me and has allowed me to create a home away from home. I truly believe that without Bridge I would not be as involved and successful going into my second year. As a mentor, I feel very blessed to now be able to give back to the community that gave so much to me!