Bridge Mentors

    Esteban Rosales

  • Esteban Rosales

    3rd Year / Human Biology / (He/him)

    My name is Esteban Rosales, and I am a third-year Human Biology Major. I'm from Sacramento CA, and I'm a first generations college student. My interest includes: watching the Office, cooking, playing board games, and listening to music. I'm super excited to be a part of the EOP community because they support and advocate low-income, first-generation students just like me. I'm especially grateful to be an EOP Bridge Mentor because I'll have the opportunity to help the new incoming class and advise them on any challenges that may arise just as my bridge mentor did for me. EOP isn't just a community, it's a family with long-lasting relations that help one another, and I'm happy to be a part of it!

  • Ian Budesa

  • Ian Budesa

    3rd Year / Art and Biology / (He/him)

    Hello! My name is Ian Budesa! I was born and raised in Northern California in the towns Burney and Mt.Shasta! I enjoy going on hikes, swimming, gardening, cooking, baking, roller skating, art, fashion(though I do not always reflect that), singing, science, and trying new things!

  • Sammy Prado III

  • Sammy Prado III (He/him)

    2nd Year / Psychology and Sociology / (He/him)

    Hello! I'm Sammy and this will be my first year as an EOP Mentor. I'm super excited to work for Bridge and help you all with transitioning to the University. I'm born and raised in Los Angeles and a first generation college student. I love to play videogames, draw, and be in the outdoors. I'm welcoming and try to be available at any given time, no matter how late, and provide as much support as I can.

  • Andrea Zapata

  • Andrea Zapata (She/her)

    4th Year / Intensive Psychology and Education / (She/her)

    Hello y'all! My name is Andrea and I'm a mentor for Bridge First Year Experience Program. I am a Latinx, first generation college student here at UCSC. I am passionate about helping students on campus who may need help navigating the UC system! A piece of advice: no question is a dumb question, it’s just a step closer to reaching your goals!

  • Susana Gonzalez

  • Susana Gonzalez

    2nd Year / Psychology Major / (Any pronoun)

    Hi everyone, my name is Suzie and I was born and raised in the East Bay. I am a Latina, first-generation student, and am very grateful for having the opportunity to mentor others as a Bridge mentor. I am a Psychology major with a passion for helping others, and love working alongside people to combat adversities. Mental health is extremely important to me, and I will always care for the mental health of others. My hobbies include painting, photography or anything art related. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my cat, watching a good show on Netflix, or going out to get boba. Thank you for reading and please proceed your day with a smile :D