Black Men’s Initiative (BMI)


The Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP), Black Men’s Initiative, is designed to advance educational equity for African/Black/and/or Caribbean (ABC) men at UC Santa Cruz by providing participants with educational experiences, academic support, and strategies for success.  This project seeks to enrich the ABC community at UC Santa Cruz, specifically to create spaces for ABC men to have brotherhood, mentorship, leadership, growth, and networking opportunities from inspiring, educated and innovative individuals and groups both within and outside the UC Santa Cruz community.
*Black Men's Initiative was formally known as the Men of Color Program


  • Increase the retention rates of Black men through cultural humility
    and validation.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging and brotherhood
  • Provide academic, career and personal support and mentorship
  • Challenge Black men to achieve academic excellence
  • Insight on professionalism and effective networking methods
  • Promote involvement and inclusion in leadership roles
  • To instill Black Men with a sense of self and the motivation to succeed

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