Q. When is the deadline for applications?

A. August 2, 2019

Q. Will I be able to apply after the deadline?

A. Yes, there may be a possible extension to August 20th

Q. When did the application first launch?

A. Launched late June, early July

Q. Can I get in without applying?

A. No.

Q. If my son is Black and of mixed heritage, can he apply?

A. Yes.

Q. If my son is not Black, but is interested, can he apply?

A. Yes. This program is specifically focused on ABC man-identified students but does not discriminate against any other racial identities.  

Q. What makes you qualified for the program?

A. Be an ABC man-identified student or identify as a man of color that is either a first- time frosh or an incoming transfer. Anyone can apply and selection is not based upon race.

Q. Are there any other documents other than the MOC application I will need to complete?

A. No, the application is all that is needed.

Q. Is this program different from the Bridge or Black Academy programs?

A. Yes, both Bridge and Black Academy is not a part of the BMI program but do strongly connect with each other on programming.

Q. When will there be the BMI Orientation?

A.  September 21st, 2019. Time and Location TBD.

Q. Why is this program important/mission of the program?

A. The BMI program is designed to build community among Black men through a sustained experience to launch the undergraduate experience of incoming frosh and transfer students at UCSC. BMI is a comprehensive set of services grounded in a brotherhood model with a sharp focus on academic success and the assets of the participants.

Q. What will I/my son be doing in this program?

A. They will be community building amongst each other through faculty, grad, and alumni- lead seminars, mentors, academic advising and a retreat. They will also learn to build brotherhood through community nights on specific topics of interest.

Q. How are mentors and mentees paired?

A. Mentors and Mentees are paired by Major and field affiliations.

Q. How many students are in BMI?

A. This past year there were 26 student participants.

Q. How long has BMI been in existence?

A. 4 years