Administrative Receptionists


    Lucia Ortiz

  • Lucia Ortiz

    Latin American & Latino Studies (LALS) & Sociology / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I decided to come back again to EOP because throughout my time working here I’ve really enjoyed helping students in any way that I can. I love interacting with students and being able to answer questions & direct them to other community & campus resources. Navigating the university isn’t always easy, therefore I am always happy to help students that need a support system here at UCSC.

  • Viridiana Silva Mercado

  •  Viridiana Silva Mercado

    LALS & Politics / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I chose to work at EOP because I liked the idea of knowing that I can help students navigate UCSC. As a first-generation student from a low-income background, I know how difficult it could be to find resources and make my space in the university. I enjoy being able to offer those resources and guidance that were offered to me when I wasn't sure what to do. 

  • Beckie Phanh

  • Beckie Phanh

    Psychology, Minor in Legal Studies / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I chose to work as an Administrative Receptionist because I am passionate about helping others. Working at EOP allows me to support both students and staff in accessing all of the wonderful resources and programs that EOP has to offer. This position allows me to obtain new knowledge and spread what I have learned onto others as well. 

  • Ephrem Stefanos

  • Ephrem Stefanos

    Business Management Economics / Senior / He, Him, His

     I wanted to work at EOP because I believe in what the program stands for. To help all underrepresented students succeed in their academic and life goals. 

  • Audrey Huerta

  • Audrey Huerta

    Legal Studies and Literature / Senior / She, Her, Hers

    I chose to work at EOP because I think its an excellent resource center and everyone that works here, counselors and student staff, aim to give students the best advice and help available. I believe that one of the greatest achievements one can have as a continuing student here at UCSC is to strive to give back to their community in everything that they choose to dedicate time to. I am very grateful to be part of a team that centers their daily routines around this same message.