Application Process

Eligible Programs for Measure 68 Access Scholarship

  • Recreational Activities

  • Intramural Sports

  • Physical Education (PE)/Experiential Learning Program (ELP) classes

  • FitLife

  • Team and Club Funding Proposals  


Activity Application Process

Students applying for this program may apply via the online application form or by meeting with an EOP counselor. Please read the following application deadlines for the specific activity you may be applying for: 


Application Due Date

Physical Education (PE) / Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

 3 weeks before classes start 

(Please provide a copy of your class schedule)

Intramurals (OPERS)

  12 days before enrollment open date/rolling-basis

FitLife (OPERS)

12 days before enrollment open date/rolling-basis

Recreational Activities (OPERS)

12 days before enrollment open date/rolling-basis


If selected, applicant will receive a notification via email and next steps in regards to receiving the award. In addition, if you are selected for an award, you will have access to any required equipment for your activity. If not selected, applicant will receive a notification via email with next steps if interested in appealing a decision.

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