UC Santa Cruz EOP Eligibility & Criteria

All incoming frosh and transfer UCSC students are reviewed for EOP eligibility based upon the information provided on their UC Application for Admission and Scholarships. EOP services are available to students who have experienced historical disadvantages and faced obstacles that can or are known, through research, to impede success in college.


The EOP office conducts a holistic review of a student’s appeal application and uses a combination of the following criteria in determining EOP eligibility:


  • First generation to college where parent(s) have not graduated from a four-year college or university in the United States;

  • Demonstration of being historically low-income and/or of low socioeconomic background as determined by family income and/or student income;

  • Demonstration of being educationally disadvantaged which includes attending an under-resourced high school with limited opportunities and/or attending a community college with low-transfer rates;

  • Participated in pre-university Educational Preparation Programs (e.g. Early Academic Outreach, Upward Bond, MESA, Talent Search, Puente, etc.)


The following student groups are automatically considered and granted EOP status:

  • Undocumented students not eligible for federal funding;

  • Foster youth/former foster youth;

  • Current military member/veteran of military service


EOP status is not granted for the following student groups:

  • Students pursuing a second baccalaureate degree;

  • International students (students on visa status) matriculated or visiting;

  • Out of State students (except if American Indian, Alaskan Native, and California bona fide residents)