Time Management Guide

by Peggy Rose, EOP Academic Counselor

There are only 168 hours in a week. The key to effective time management is to use those hours wisely. You may not realize how much of your time is actually being used for daily activities such as sleeping, eating, showering, walking to class, waiting for the bus. Once you develop a control over your time, everything will just seem to fall into place. Through this walkthrough, you will learn how to use your time most efficiently.

Download the Excel File and fill the grid out on your computer
Download the PDF and print, our blank weekly schedule grid

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Before you start

Time Management Blank Page Basic materials needed:
  • Computer
  • Pencil and eraser
  • A Blank EOP Weekly Time Management Schedule
  • A Copy of your Class Schedule and
  • If you work you will need a copy of your Work Schedule Hours

Step 1

Time Management Step 1 First, build a foundation with your class schedule, labs and sections.

Step 2

step 2 Second, include (30 minutes) of travel time (TT) around each items listed.

Step 3

step 3

Third, fill in the foundation with Wake-up and shower time, along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Look for patterns of consistent time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Note: During the weekend eating habit times have a tendency to change.

Step 4

step 4 Fourth, give yourself SEVEN hours of sleep time by counting backwards from the breakfast or wake-up hour.  Then add ONE hour to relax before going to bed.  You should have a total of EIGHT hours.

Step 5

step 5 Fifth, You should have blocks of time left over that are blank. Use the color RED to fill in the blocks for STUDY TIME.  Remember to block out a minimum of 32 hours of study time. (The 32 hours come from the EOP Study Formula)

Last Step

step 6 Last, but certainly not least. Give yourself some free time!