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The Bridge Program is a First-Year Experience Program that supports and guides students in their transition from high school to the university. Student participants are first generation college students who may come from low income backgrounds and under-resourced California high schools. The program is designed to offer students academic and personal support that will yield a successful first year experience at UC Santa Cruz. Student participants have the opportunity to work alongside committed staff and student staff who will help them become socially integrated into the diverse culture of the campus. Students are encouraged to become a part of a community of learners eager to develop and expand on their skill sets in order to become prosperous contributors to a diverse campus environment. The Bridge Program aims to prepare students for the academic rigors of the University by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve academic excellence not only in their first year, but beyond, into their remaining undergraduate career at UCSC.


Student benefits include:

  • Participate in EOP Bridge Academy. Students arrive a week earlier than the general student population and become acclimated to the campus environment
  • Quarterly academic advising from an EOP Counselor
  • Weekly bridge mentor meetings with a student peer
  • Subject related tutoring and peer guided group sessions
  • Academic success workshops
  • Quarterly faculty dinners
  • Priority enrollment into classes
  • Bridge study sessions
  • Team building activities

What is Bridge? Hear it from bridge members whom have partaken!